A solar yacht that sets new standards of resource conservation. 100% renewable energy 99% recycled resources, 0 emissions. Heart of Gold is 11.5 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and 3.8 meters high. It is designed for a total weight of 22 tons but weighs only 7.5 tons without passengers and combustion engines.


Heart of Gold used to be called „11“. She was a tender / lifeboat for a cruise ship of the Holland America Line. Currently, the boat us undergoing a complete refit, lots of repairs and receiving an electric drive system with solar roof as well as a yacht interior. Once finished, we will tour the Elbe river, Scandinavia and the world using nothing but sunshine.


Mankind’s progress and standard of living is so far afforded only by immense resource utilization – far more than the planet can handle. Massive changes need to be undertaken to reverse this trend and keep earth livable for future generations.


This project will show that even the most luxurious thing – a world cruising yacht – can be made without using any new resources in construction (thus recycled materials) as well as while driving (thus solar electric drive).

Heart Of Gold

Some Specifications Of Our Boat
15 Tons
~ 10 kwp
Solar capacity
160 kw
Electric Engine Output
~ 300 kwh
Battery Capacity



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